Covid Safety in our little Universe

Covid Safety in our little Universe

Here at Space Adventurers Indoor Play centre, we are striving to always be at the top of the game for soft-play centres and to lead the charge for change and unique development in the industry.

We at Space Adventurers have been very busy, ensuring that we can be COVID19 safe. These measurements include:

  • A unique cleansing fogging system that will be carried out at regular intervals
  • Social distancing measures
  • One-way systems in place
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Hand Sanitising procedures
  • Temperature testing upon entry
  • Minimised admittances per booked slots
  • Going completely ‘cashless’ and only taking card payments

Owners Tom and Laura Filer comment that: “Getting young people back into an environment with activities that will stimulate them both mentally and physically post-lockdown is crucial to their wellbeing. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to our fun and safe space”.

If you need any more information or questions, please visit our social media pages!

Are the children expected to socially distance?

Children are expected to observe social distancing in the main seating areas. On the play structures, there is a significantly reduced capacity and there are also natural flows and areas where children could congregate (such as ball pits) have been removed to reduce the risk of children coming into contact with each other. There are mandatory hand sanitiser stations at the entry and exit of the play structures.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

All adults and children over 11 years old will need to wear a face covering, except when eating and drinking. People with certain medical reasons do not need to wear masks indoors and further guidance can be found on the government website (

What additional measures have you put in place for COVID-19?

We have fully risk assessed the centre in line with government guidance. Some of the measures we have put in place are: 1. Face coverings must be worn, except when eating and drinking. You must bring a face covering with you. Children under 11 do not need to wear a face covering. 2. There will be temperature checks of adults on arrival. Anyone with a high temperature will unfortunately be refused entry and rebooked for a date in the future. 3. Reception has moved to the side of the building by the roller shutter doors to accommodate our one-way system outside of the play area, so keep an eye out for the new entry and exit signs as well as floor markings. 4. We have increased the frequency of our fogging process to weekly instead of monthly as we did previously. This process leaves behind an anti-microbial coating on all surfaces in the centre that lasts for up to 30 days, so bacteria and germs find it very difficult to survive on surfaces. The centre has been fogged just before we reopened and will be fogged weekly thereafter. 5. All high contact touch points around the centre will be cleaned throughout the day on a continuous cycle. We also use an innovative product to check random areas on a daily basis to ensure that our cleaning procedures are working and that there are no spots we have missed. 6. Our ventilation system is in operation 24/7 and with reduced capacity is more than effective at ensuring we have enough air flow in the centre. 7. Our ball pits will be closed in line with government regulations, but everything else is open. 8. The role play area in particular will have a strict lower capacity limit to allow for one family bubble per shop at any time. You may need to wait to gain entry to the role play if it is at capacity. The role play area undergoes enhanced cleaning each night using the same chemical as we use for fogging, with the same anti-microbial coating. 9. The venue no longer accepts cash for the safety of our staff, so please bring cards and/or Apple/Google Pay. 10. The seating for adults has been spaced out. There is a one-way system in place around the seating area. 11. Our overall numbers will be a lot lower – approximately 35% of our previous capacity to enable social distancing in the play frame and generally. 12. Adults are permitted into the play structures to enable effective social distancing as far as possible with the children. Social distancing of children will not be enforced in the play structure, but parents must make sure that children adhere to social distancing and the one-way systems in the seating area. 13. Our staff will all be carrying COVID PPE kits in any event where there is a first aid, fire, or spillage incident that may require them to come into close contact with a child. These kits will enable the staff to provide immediate care in the event of an emergency. 14. There are hand sanitiser points on the entry and exit of the play structure. Sanitising hands before entering the play structure is a government requirement and parents need to ensure that children are sanitising hands frequently, at least on entry to the centre, on entry and exit to the play frame and when going to the toilet.

Can I rebook if I'm ill?

Yes, we are allowing changes to bookings free of charge. Just email and we will be happy to change your booking for you.

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